School Choice Options for MS /HS

Map of local choices for Middle and High Schools


The numbered links below will lead you to the websites for the correspondingly numbered school in the map above. This doesn’t not mean that other schools wouldn’t be options for Rochester residents, these just represent the geographically local school options.

Please note that the schools in Bethel and South Royalton are labeled and linked within this list, but these schools will become the WRVSU Union schools beginning in the Fall of 2018.

1- Harwood Union High School

2- Patricia Hannaford Career Center

3-  Middlebury Union Middle School  and  Middlebury Union High School

4- Otter Valley Middle and High Schools

5- Proctor Jr. and Sr. High School

6- Stafford Technical Center

7- West Rutland School

8-  Rutland Middle and High Schools

9- Mill River Union Middle and High Schools

10- Woodstock Union Middle and High Schools

11- The Sharon Academy

12-   South Royalton Middle and High Schools :  FUTURE SITE OF WRVSU UNION HIGH SCHOOL

13- Whitcomb Junior and Senior High Schools : FUTURE SITE OF WRVSU UNION MIDDLE SCHOOL

14- Randolph Technical Career Center

15- Randolph Union Middle and High Schools